MindPulse is part of the TechPulse Group of companies, focusing on providing; non-executive services, seed and first stage funding, acquisition and disposal support, and fund raising.

Led by the experienced management team of Trevor Rolls and Steve Kirby,MindPulse provides hands on support and experience in navigating each stage of a company’s growth.

The team is flexible in their style of engagement with both equity-led and fee based structures considered, but also with investment led engagements.

With a strong history in the tech space, the team has the majority of engagements in tech but are open to likeminded market sectors, and are actively engaged in both the Charity sector and Digital Marketing arenas.


Non Executive Chairman

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Group Managing Director

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The team’s primary engagements are non-exec based with board and management support a primary function. The team at MindPulse can, through its eco system, also provide legal and tax partners, sales mentoring, channel modelling and brand marketing services.

The primary team is headed by Trevor Rolls, who has built and sold two tech companies, made multiple acquisitions and raised funding. Trevor presently sits as Non-Executive Chairman of Ocean Group, a London based Cloud Service Provider.

He is also Non-Executive Chairman of Derive Logic, a channel based Software Asset Management business at the forefront of the market associated with license risk and mitigation, across Data Centre platforms such as Oracle, SAP and IBM. Trevor is also Executive Chairman of the TechPulse Group of companies.

In addition, the team has active engagements with a southern based systems integrator and a digital marketing agency based in London and the home counties.

MindPulse is part of a larger organisation of companies that can support you in a multi-faceted proposal.
The group comprises of the following :

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    An AV services and digital signage business.

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    A cyber security managed service business, focussed on the channel.

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    A tech recruitment business.

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    Non-executive services, seed and first stage funding, acquisition and disposal support, and fund raising.

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    A managed and professional services business focussed on the channel.

  • power it logo

    A tech incubation business, based across Europe, introducing emerging tech and building the sales, marketing and distribution capabilities for these vendors.


Through our group of business support companies, we can provide you with what you need to plug the gaps and push success.

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    Ocean is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that owns and operates a dedicated carrier agnostic service provider network known as the “OceanCloud”.

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    Derive Logic, through channel partners, provide organisations, with data centre software licensing analysis services.

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    Generate UK is a business-centric digital marketing agency with a strong creative edge.

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Many businesses thrive in the early stages of growth, driven by their passion, market intimacy and sheer will-power. As these businesses grow, the challenge of transitioning from a small to mid-size business,adopting more processes and corporate thinking, whilst retaining the entrepreneurial spirit and culture that made them a success to date, is a challenge..

Turning to a Non-Exec is often a logical step in driving this change, picking the right one can be the make or break of this transition. Many boards are made up of industry experts or Non Exec’s with strong financial background, having a Non-Exec that has been through the process and transitioned through those cultural steps, is invaluable.

Whether the forward planning involves raising funds to accelerate growth, utilising working capital to greater effect, creating the runway to a sale, or building a business that has strength in depth, to allow management to adopt a more lifestyle based approach to their business, planning and implementing the people and processes to enable this, is vital and needs support from business partners that can relate.

The team at MindPulse have experienced these challenges, making good and bad decisions along the way. Our role is to provide guidance, objectivity, contacts and confidence in the decision making of the Management Team. Our role is not, to make these decisions for you, as you will always know your business best. However, our role is to ensure these decisions are well thought through, and that the course of direction is clear, with milestones and an ultimate objective.

Our engagement may come in the form of investment, time or support from the wider team, but typically it will need at least two of these elements to be beneficial. If you are considering a Non-Executive, feel free to get in touch. We are happy to explore engagements that range from fee based only, through to full investment.

TechPulse Group is formed from some really interesting businesses, reflecting the key service categories that the market finds both interesting, challenging, and at the top of their priority list. As a business we are inquisitive, technically savvy, commercially intrigued and a big believer in enabling the next generation to drive their ideas through to a real and successful business. Sometimes, as well as the leap of faith the founders need to take by quitting their jobs and going ‘all in’, they need further support through mentoring or even funding.

The team at MindPulse are active investors, using various investment vehicles to support seed and first stage businesses, and have had strong success record. Derive Logic is a great example of a business where we provided both seed and second round funding, as well as executive support for 12 months, and input into the key management team that now operate the business. This business is now a market leader in its space, highly profitable with a team of 40 staff providing services globally in the Software Asset Management space.

Contact us to discuss your business idea and the support you may need to progress it.

A highly interesting but slightly daunting area for a Senior Management team, deciding to raise funds or invest significant sums of working capital in an acquisition, or determining a sale of the business is the right course of action, is a major and life changing decision

Strong support can be found in professional organisations, corporate finance houses, legal firms and accountants, in structuring and identifying the core principles of who, how, when and why. Having primary support from like-minded individuals who have faced these challenges is fundamental, providing the management team with context to the complexity of the terms and languages used in a sale or acquisition process. Navigating the choppy waters of warrants and covenants and understanding what is a good deal is crucial.

Today there are many options in fund raising to choose from. Whether considering private equity, angel funds and modern funds, like the British Growth Fund, a minority only equity organisation born out of the crisis of 2008/2009; through to innovative banking solutions from the likes of Santander offering debt based deferred solutions, picking the right approach is vital.

Equally, when deciding on an exit or acquisition, choosing the right corporate finance partner, legal partner and accountancy firm that is market aware, right sized and understand the nuances of your business and industry sector is critical. That blended, with support from MindPulse will give the best chance of a successful outcome, be it a sale or acquisition.

A key factor in ensuring this success is to build a long enough runway, with ideally 2-3 years of foresight to maximise any outcome. MindPulse are most often engaged in support of this type of work through our Non-Exec services, typically with some form of equity engagement, however we are open to a fee based approach also.


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